State of Florida Emergency Operations Plan: Pandemic Influenza Annex   [open pdf - 850KB]

"The goal of this plan is to minimize the morbidity and mortality related to a pandemic influenza event, and to align Florida preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation to national and international efforts. The annex outlines a series of activities designed to rapidly detect, investigate and implement interventions which, based on the best available science, maximize the use of available resources to minimize morbidity and mortality. Specific activities and interventions are set forth in the technical appendices to this annex. For planning purposes, and considering the World Health Organization Phases of Pandemic Alert, this annex and associated appendices anticipate possible stages of an influenza pandemic. There is no assurance, however, that a real event will follow a linear course through these stages. In a real event, decision-makers will determine when to transition from one stage-with its associated recommended responses-to another stage. The facts will not always be clear. There may be periods when the state, as a whole, is in more than one stage at the same time, or when different areas of the state are in different stages. Decision-making at the local, regional and state levels will have to be flexible, coordinated and take into account specific circumstances that are being experienced on an ongoing basis. This annex recommends some interventions that will be logistically difficult and/or expensive to implement. Certain interventions, such as mandatory travel restrictions or cordon sanitaire around entire communities, are not recommended because they seem infeasible under any foreseeable circumstance."

2006 Florida Department of Health.
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