How the Guard and Reserve Will Fight in 2025   [open html - 1KB]

"Lately it has become an article of faith that the passage from the current 'Army of Excellence' to the 'Army After Next' of 2025 will not occur unless all three components--the Active Army component (AC), Army National Guard (ARNG), and Army Reserve (USAR)--arrive together as an integrated force. Yet while guidepost-concepts like 'seamless Army' and 'total force' capture our best intentions, it remains uncertain if such high hopes will become reality. Embedded mistrust among the three components, for example, is likely to resurface and impede future initiatives as Army budgets decline. Nevertheless, the wisdom for transitioning into the 21st century as an integrated team is self-evident, making it imperative to find sensible ways to achieve that. This article takes up the challenge by examining two general areas. The first section examines a prevailing attitudinal belief-system, herein labeled the 'pyramid mentality,' which is undermining trust relationships between the AC and Reserve Components (RC) and will continue to do so if not corrected. The second section examines six ongoing pilot programs designed to bring the Active, Guard, and Reserve closer together and then explores them further for better routes toward a 'seamless Army' by the year 2025."

1999 David T. Fautua
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Parameters: United States Army War College Quarterly (Spring 1999), v.29 no.1, p.127-149
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