Bioterrorism and Health System Preparedness: Disaster Planning Drills and Readiness Assessment   [open pdf - 217KB]

The following issue brief on disaster planning drills and readiness assessment was published by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. "Biological terrorism, or bioterrorism, presents a significant public health threat to the United States. Hospitals across the country are engaged in disaster planning activities to prepare for such a threat. While bioterrorism preparedness is in its infancy, several tools are available and more are being developed to assist hospital disaster planners. Some of these tools were featured in an April 2003 Web-assisted audioconference sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and aimed at hospital and public health officials. […]The audioconference also included a question and answer period, during which listeners were invited to submit questions to the panelists. This issue brief examines resources that can assist hospitals and other health systems in preparing for bioterrorism disasters, and in conducting disaster drills in particular. Disaster drills are an important tool to improve local disaster response. They are exercises designed to test the response of the health care system during mass-casualty emergencies by recreating a disaster situation using mock victims, theoretical scenarios, or computer simulations."

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Bioterrorism and Health System Preparedness (January 2004), Issue Brief No. 2
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