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This report was conducted by the Privacy Protection Study Commission, July 1977 pursuant to the Privacy Act of 1974. This report was transmitted to President Jimmy Carter on July 12, 1977. From the preface: "Issues of public policy rarely, if ever, emerge on the political scene fully developed and fully articulated. Rather, they result from gradual changes in the social and economic environment, which are then identified and intensively debated. This has been the pattern with the subject of this report. The relationships between individuals and various record-keeping organizations have been developing over a long period of time. An analysis of these relationships and their consequences for personal privacy lie at the heart of the findings and recommendations in this report." Chapters of this report cover the consumer-credit relationship, the depository relationship, mailing lists, the insurance relationship, the employment relationship, record keeping in the medical-care relationship, investigative-reporting agencies, government access to personal records and "private papers", record keeping in the education relationship, the citizen as beneficiary of government assistance, the state role in privacy protection, the relationship between citizen and government: the Privacy Act of 1974, the relationship between citizen and government: the citizen as taxpayer, the relationship between citizen and government: the citizen as participant in research and statistical studies, and the social security number.

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