2008 National Drug Threat Assessment   [open pdf - 6MB]

"The trafficking and abuse of illicit drugs are a great burden on citizens, private businesses, financial institutions, public health systems, and law enforcement agencies in the United States. These burdens are manifested and measured in many ways; however, the most striking evidence of the impact of drug trafficking and abuse on U.S. society is the thousands of drug-related deaths (overdoses, homicides, accidents, or other fatal incidents) that occur each year. […] trafficking of illicit drugs burdens various components of domestic financial sectors as individuals and organizations frequently engage in illegal activities to generate income in order to purchase drugs or finance drug trafficking operations. Mortgage fraud, counterfeiting, shoplifting, insurance fraud, ransom kidnapping, identity theft, home invasion, personal property theft, and many other criminal activities often are undertaken by drug users and distributors to support drug addictions, to control market share, or to fund trafficking operations. While the adverse effects on society from drug trafficking and abuse are high, recent progress against drug production and distribution is apparent in several areas. […] Notwithstanding these successes, many law enforcement challenges remain particularly the danger posed by the growing strength and organization of Mexico- and Canada-based Asian DTOs." Subjects dealt with in this report are drug transportation, homeland security issues, border violence, firearms trafficking, alien smuggling, illicit finance, and drug trafficking organizations. Overviews of specific drugs are also provided along with the strategic findings, intelligence gaps, and predictive estimates of that drug.

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