Opportunities for Engaging Minority Communities in Securing our Nation   [open pdf - 264KB]

"The Department of Criminal Justice, North Carolina Central University, in cooperation with the Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, conducted a colloquium titled 'Opportunities for Engaging Minority Communities in Securing Our Nation' on February 11, 2008. The conference, held at The Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, attracted over 75 participants and attendees, who addressed methods for successful engagement by security and public health agencies with Latino, Muslim, and at-risk communities. Participants included community, state, and regional leaders from the communities of interest, law enforcement agencies, health service providers, homeland security agencies, and educational institutions. The program examined five aspects of minority community engagement in national security issues: two concerned engagement in specific minority communities (Muslim and Latino), one a 'field' of engagement (public health), one a traditional type of engagement (military service), and one a prerequisite for successful community engagement (effective leadership). The five aspects included (1) dynamics of engaging the growing Latino community, with emphasis on police department best practices to include Latino concerns and participation in community security; (2) participation of the Muslim community in planning for and response to natural disasters and terrorism threats; (3) providing public health services to all at-risk communities, which are often minority or those with significant minority populations; (4) the relationship between the military and its minority officers; and (5) aspects of service and leadership in minority communities. Three panels and two featured sessions were organized to meet the five program objectives; presentations by each panelist and speaker were necessarily related to the other four."

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