Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Action Plan of the Japanese Government   [open pdf - 0B]

"Global efforts against new influenza include influenza pandemic measures conducted by World Health Organization (WHO) in coordination with 4 WHO influenza collaborating centers around the world (Japan, US, UK, and Australia). In May 2005, WHO published 'WHO Global Influenza Preparedness Plan'. Member states have been developing action plans to protect their own citizens based on the Plan. On the other hand, in Japan, 'Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare established a Review Subcommittee on Measures against New Influenza' in October 2003. The subcommittee compiled 'Report of measures against new influenza' in August 2004. After the commencement of the discussion, in response to the intimidating situation caused by the onsets of highly pathogenic avian influenza (A/H5N1) (Yamaguchi, Oita, and Kyoto), the government developed 'Emergency comprehensive measures against avian influenza' in March 2004, while revisions of the Law for prevention of infectious diseases of domestic animals (Law No.166, 1951) including promotion of early reports and compensation for farmers in areas of movement restriction were implemented. In November 2004, 'Highly pathogenic avian influenza epidemic prevention manual' (Notice from Director-General of Food Safety and Consumer Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry an Fisheries in September 2003) was reviewed to develop guidelines for prevention of specific infectious diseases of domestic animals concerning highly pathogenic avian influenza based on the Law for prevention of infectious diseases of domestic animals. Moreover, based on proposals suggested in 'Report for measures against new influenza', 'Basic guidelines for comprehensive promotion of prevention of infectious diseases' (Announcement No.115 from Ministry of Health and welfare in 1999) established under the Law concerning the Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Medical Care for Patients of Infections (Law No.114 in 1998, hereinafter referred to as 'Infectious Diseases Law') etc. were revised to promote the measures by incorporating provisions concerning the development of vaccines and stockpile of Antiviral drugs etc. Thus, measures have been taken step by step in Japan. In response to increasing risk of emergence of a new influenza virus, however, it was determined to develop 'Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Action Plan' in compliance with 'WHO Global Influenza Preparedness Plan' to take prompt and reliable measures."

2005 Government of Japan.
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