Pandemic Flu: A National Framework for Responding to an Influenza Pandemic [Great Britain]   [open pdf - 2MB]

"Influenza pandemics are natural phenomena which occurred three times in the last century. Their severity has ranged from something similar to seasonal influenza to a major threat, with many millions of people worldwide becoming ill and a proportion of these dying. No country can expect to escape the impact of a pandemic entirely, and when it arrives most people are likely to be exposed to an increased risk of catching the virus at some point. Influenza pandemics therefore pose a unique international and national challenge. As well as their potential to cause serious harm to human health, they threaten wider social and economic damage and disruption. […] In addition to collaborating actively in multi-national prevention, detection and research, the Government's aims at a national level are to ensure that the UK is prepared to limit the internal spread of a pandemic and to minimise health, economic and social harm as far as possible. This framework sets out the Government's strategic approach to achieving these aims and is intended for use by all those involved in planning for and responding to an influenza pandemic. It builds upon and supersedes the most recent version of the UK Health Departments' UK Influenza Pandemic Contingency Plan (published in October 2005), expanding it to cover a more comprehensive range of impacts and responses. The framework will also inform the development of community and organisational arrangements that are appropriate to local circumstances and are sufficiently consistent to ensure an equitable and sustainable national response. It includes information to support planning and, where necessary, provides signposts to additional sources of technical information and guidance."

2007 Great Britain Cabinet Office and Dept. of Health. Posted here with permission. Documents are for personal use only and not for commercial profit.
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