Commission Working Paper on Community Influenza Pandemic Preparedness and Response Planning   [open pdf - 207KB]

"This working paper addresses key issues of national and EU relevance of influenza pandemic preparedness and response planning. It explains the stages of an influenza pandemic on the basis of the definitions of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and sets out the main objectives of action. Moreover, it outlines the role of the Commission and the Member States in pandemic preparedness planning and defines key actions at pre-determined phases and levels in the main areas of management and co-ordination, surveillance, prevention, mitigation and response, communication, civil protection and research. Particular reference is made to animal health legislation and actions that aim to prevent and control influenza in animals, in particular avian influenza, which can have a major role in the emergence and impact potential of human influenza. The paper has been prepared following extensive consultations on pandemic influenza with the members of the Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response Network Committee hereinafter referred to as 'Network Committee', established under Decision 2119/98/EC of the European Parliament and Council1 setting up a network for the epidemiological surveillance and control of communicable diseases in the Community, and an ad hoc group on influenza set up to advise the Commission services. […] The paper should serve as a launchpad for a debate on co-ordinating preparedness against influenza and on recommendations that can be made in this respect. This will be done in parallel with the development of a general plan for public health emergencies that the Health Ministers requested following the SARS outbreak, and will provide the basis for a specific component of this general plan in order to fine-tune measures in respect of an influenza pandemic."

2004 Commission of the European Communities.
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