Introduction to Survivable Crisis Management   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA's) goal is a nationwide network of statewide SCM [Survivable Crisis Management] capabilities, all compatible with each other and with those of the Federal Government. To this end, FEMA is pursuing the SCM Initiative with interested States and Territories to encourage and assist them in developing comprehensive SCM plans in which they: Assess the risks and threats to their State or Territory, Define the required SCM capabilities, Assess the existing capabilities in light of requirements, Identify deficiencies, Develop a plan to correct deficiencies and achieve the required capabilities, Develop contingency plans to deal with deficiencies until they are corrected, Work with FEMA to obtain technical support and Federal civil defense funding assistance. The SCM initiative makes achievement of statewide SCM capabilities in each of the 50 States and Territories meet their SCM requirements. Each State and Territory must manage the consequences of emergencies regardless of their cause. Therefore, each must identify and develop a basic SCM infrastructure that will meet the needs and threats of that State or Territory. This document explains: what SCM is, why SCM is important, how to achieve SCM capabilities."

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