Mobilizing for the Storm: The Army National Guard in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm   [open pdf - 12MB]

"In 1990, the Army National Guard began the year some 456,000 strong and contained 46% of the combat, 32% of the combat support, and 26% of the combat service support forces in the total Army.3 Thus, the Army Guard could not help but be a key player in this most one-sided victory in American history. In all, some 62,411 soldiers in 398 units were ordered into active federal service, with 1,132 additional Army Guardmembers volunteering for active duty. […]. Unlike their Korean War predecessors, who in most cases spent months at their mobilization sites and had their units stripped repeatedly of equipment and experienced personnel, the Guardsmen and women who were called up for Desert Storm were deployed quickly and in the same units they had trained with in peacetime. […]. In many cases, the limiting factor in getting units into the field was not the amount of train-up time required to validate a unit for deployment, but the lack of assets - especially sealift - necessary to transport equipment to Southwest Asia. The long-held belief that the Guard could not be ready in time to help the Army win a modern war was convincingly disproved." The report concludes with a list of Army National Guard Units federalized for the Gulf War, along with the date of federalization and destination, and a list of suggested reading for more in depth study of the topic.

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