Statement by the Press Secretary on FISA [February 25, 2008]   [open pdf - 27KB]

This document is the statement issued by the White House Press Secretary, Dana Perino on February 25, 2008 regarding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). From the Document: "That the failure to enact long-term FISA modernization legislation is costly and dangerous is beyond any serious dispute. The Intelligence Community lost intelligence information last week because of the uncertainty caused by Congress' failure to act. It is unlikely that this information can ever be recovered. Our private sector partners have serious concerns about the multibillion-dollar lawsuits some companies are currently facing only because they are believed to have helped defend the country after 9/11. These lawsuits are abusive and, if they are allowed to proceed, would serve only to line the pockets of class-action trial lawyers. The private sector has similar concerns that, without statutory protection provided by long-term FISA modernization legislation, they may be exposing themselves to additional abusive lawsuits by cooperating in current efforts. Very late last week the Department of Justice and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence were able to secure the continued cooperation of private partners - but only reluctantly, and with the possibility that they may discontinue their cooperation if the uncertainty persists."

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