Plant City Fire Department Reserve Firefighter Program: Dissolve or Revitalize   [open pdf - 695KB]

"The Plant City Fire Department has operated as a combination department for many years. The career firefighters are augmented by a reserve force. The problem is the reserve program is lackadaisical with the members not adhering to the standard operating guidelines. The program appears to be lethargic with no administrative guidance and members apathetic in their participation while being compensated. The purpose of this research project was to determine if the reserve program should be dissolved or continued with some revitalization or structural change. The research method used for this project was evaluative. Information was acquired through literature review, three survey questionnaires and personal interviews. Research questions used in the evaluative method were: 1. What is the purpose and intent of the Plant City reserve program? 2. Are other fire departments using reserve programs? 3. What are the concerns, if any, of the Plant City Firefighters Union members regarding the existing program? 4. What can be done to revitalize and/or improve the existing reserve program? The principle procedures utilized for this research project were: (a) a literature review of existing material addressing reserve firefighter programs, (b) a survey of 87 random fire departments in Florida for informational data, (c) a survey of the eleven reserves currently in the program, (d) a survey of the 28 union members of the Plant City Fire Department, and (e) two personal interviews with former training officers."

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