Remarks by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and New York Governor Eliot Spitzer on Secure ID's [October 27, 2007]   [open pdf - 46KB]

From the remarks of Secretary Chertoff: "The Department of Homeland Security has been working hard to implement two important laws that will add greatly to our security. Both of them were recommended by the 9/11 Commission. The first, the REAL ID Act, raises the bar for the security of driver's licenses so that we can actually rely on those documents. The REAL ID Act requires that the federal government accept only driver's licenses that clearly establish identity and legal presence in the United States. The second, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, or WHTI, requires passports or similar secure documents, including secure, enhanced driver's licenses, for everyone who crosses our borders, including the land border with Canada. I'm pleased that New York has agreed to work with the Department of Homeland Security to move forward with both REAL ID and enhanced driver's licenses. Let me expand. First, New York has announced a number of anti-fraud security measures to meet the requirements of REAL ID to make their driver's licenses more secure than they already are. The state is using advanced, facial recognition technology, central issuance procedures, and advanced document verification systems. These techniques will make New York licenses among the most secure in the country. The Governor has also committed to marking licenses that do not meet federal requirements, and to adopting a residency requirement to prevent misuse of New York licenses by people from out of state. This meets the requirement that REAL ID licenses be tamper-proof, secure and available only to U.S. citizens or those lawfully in the country."

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