Remarks of Cybersecurity and Communications Assistant Secretary Greg Garcia at the National Cyber Security Awareness Month Kick-Off Summit [October 1, 2007]   [open pdf - 35KB]

From the remarks of Greg Garcia: "The front lines in the struggle to secure our future will be fought from: Millions of hand-held portable networked devices; from every home, classroom and office; and from the vast array of infrastructures, factories, and worksites interconnected to the online world. From each of these virtual addresses our personal security and national defense will hang in the balance. Our Nation will be only as strong as our individual dedication and perseverance. We all have to share in the burden, because we all depend on shared critical infrastructures and systems to maintain our national security, fuel our economy, and support our way of life. Cyberspace reflects the beauty and genius of the open societies that created the online world and allowed it to flourish. Protecting cyberspace without changing its spirit of openness will challenge us all. We have to balance the temptation to sacrifice the best of cyberspace in the name of precaution with the urgent need to share our great experiment - the digital democracy - with the rest of the world."

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