Global Jihad: The Role of Europe's Radical Muslims   [open pdf - 528KB]

"Analyzing jihadist activity in France, Germany, Great Britain, and Spain provides valuable insight into how the idea of global jihad resonates within different Muslim communities. Initial assessments explaining the differing level of jihadist activity in each country focus primarily on one foreign policy item: support or opposition to the Iraq war. However research shows a number of other critical items which also influence the level of jihadist activity. These include other foreign policy initiatives such as NATO's lead in Afghanistan involving military forces from all four countries; support of 'apostate' regimes, such as France's involvement in Algeria; as well as perceived injustices against Muslims during colonial conquests. Another critical factor is the country of origin of the Muslim population. Analysis reveals that jihadist activity amongst Pakistani Muslims tends to be higher than with groups from other origins. The final critical factor measured was the domestic policies of each country. Policies which encourage integration and assimilation appear to minimize jihadist activity. Lessons learned based on the success and failure in each of these countries are critical to developing long term counter terrorism policies and eliminating European Muslims as a support element or active participants for the global jihad."

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