National Continuity Policy Implementation Plan, August 2007   [open pdf - 2MB]

"This National Continuity Policy Implementation Plan builds upon the National Continuity Policy and provides guidance to executive departments and agencies on appropriately identifying and carrying out their Primary Mission Essential Functions that support the eight National Essential Functions-the most critical functions necessary to lead and sustain the Nation during a catastrophic emergency. This Implementation Plan also seeks to ensure that our Nation's efforts and resources will be brought to bear in a coordinated manner through integrated Continuity of Operations and Continuity of Government programs interwoven into routine, daily government operations. This Implementation Plan directs more than 75 critical actions, many of which have been initiated already, to ensure the effectiveness and survivability of our national continuity capability through any circumstance. In order to implement this Policy, government and private sector leaders should understand (1) the history, importance, and key components of our continuity program; (2) the importance of our key partners and the necessity to identify and ensure the continued execution of our Nation's Essential Functions; (3) the procedures to obtain metrics by which to measure our Nation's continuity capability and readiness; and (4) the coordination, communication, and integration among the three branches of the Federal Government, among all levels of government, and between government entities and the private sector."

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