Animal Cloning: A Risk Assessment   [open pdf - 44MB]

"This Risk Assessment is the Center for Veterinary Medicine's (CVM) subsequent independent analysis of all of the available data relevant to assessing the health of clones and their progeny (and other animals involved in the cloning process) or food consumption risks resulting from edible products from these animals. In order to make the Risk Assessment as transparent as possible, all of this information is available to the public, either by virtue of its publication in peer-reviewed journals, or by 'publication' in this risk assessment. We have actively sought independent peer-review of these data by providing all of the data in raw form (not summaries) either in the text of the risk assessment or in appendices. In addition, we have also described the means by which the methodology was developed to facilitate peer-review by risk assessors. We have performed extensive literature reviews, engaged in conversations with scientists involved in cloning animals, and requested data on animal health and food composition from scientists, breeders, and food producers. Unpublished data were provided to us in raw, unanalyzed form, which we subsequently analyzed. CVM determined whether a particular publication or dataset was relevant to the analysis. These judgments were framed by the two overarching objectives of the Risk Assessment: determining whether cloning poses any health risks to the animals involved in the cloning process, and whether any hazards arise during the development of clones or their progeny that may pose food consumption risks."

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