Homeland Security Advisory Council Report of the Administration Transition Task Force   [open pdf - 309KB]

"The main objective of the ATTF [Administration Transition Task Force ] report is to advocate strategies and policies that will strengthen operational continuity of the full spectrum of national homeland security operations. Briefings, research and recent history (e.g., United States - September 11, 2001, Spain - March 11, 2004, United Kingdom - June 30, 2007, etc.) have provided the ATTF an appreciation of the potential vulnerabilities during transition periods. Not only are we aware that they exist, but our enemies are as well. The ATTF believes that the most vulnerable period is 30 days prior to, as recent history has shown, and through six months after the change in administrations. We recommend that the present Administration and Congress quickly implement the recommendations in this report and that the report be immediately passed to all appropriate entities, especially the presidential nominees."

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Listed on January 30, 2008 [Critical Releases]