DHS Cyber Preparedness eNewsletter, June 2006   [open pdf - 977KB]

"Welcome to the first edition of the National Cyber Security Division's (NCSD) eNewsletter, a quarterly update on our collaborative activities and progress towards our two overarching priorities: 1. Leading implementation of an integrated cyber security risk management program. 2. Enhancing the National Cyberspace Security Response System. 2006 has already been a busy year for NCSD and our partners. In partnership with our public, private, and international stakeholders, we successfully conducted Cyber Storm, the largest cyber security exercise in history with 115 different organizations participating and examining their situational awareness and incident response capabilities. We hosted the second annual conference for Government Forum of Incident Response Security Teams (GFIRST), which brought together some of our nation's top information security professionals to share lessons learned and discuss strategies for enhancing the security of our government information systems. We also helped to solidify the Information Technology (IT) Sector component of the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) and hosted inaugural meeting of the IT Sector Coordinating Council (SCC) and IT Government Coordinating Council (GCC). We look forward to rolling out the final NIPP Base Plan in the very near future and to our collaborative effort on development of the IT Sector Specific Plan. My hope is that this eNewsletter will provide you with insights into our strategic collaborative initiatives for enhancing our nation's cyber security preparedness and response capabilities."

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DHS Cyber Preparedness eNewsletter (June 2006)
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