Exercise Development Guide for Validating Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plans: Interim February 2006   [open pdf - 479KB]

"Any plan requiring coordinated action by a number of players, which has not been validated through a process of practice, is simply a collection of ideas and concepts waiting for translation into action. The process of 'practising a plan' is universally known as an 'exercise'. The primary purposes of an exercise are to train the users of the plan and to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan itself, not the participants in the exercise, who are intended to be engaged in activities and roles identified for them in the plan. Valuable results of an exercise include enhanced knowledge and understanding of the plan by those who use it and identification of gaps, weaknesses and opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the plan. In this context, an exercise is not the end point of the planning process, but a vital component of it. Practice is the process that brings life to a plan and keeps it fresh in the minds of those who will use it. This guide describes and encourages the use of a widely accepted approach to the development of exercises for the validation of influenza pandemic preparedness plans. The approach is generic and can be easily adapted for the evaluation of emergency management plans for a broad range of hazards and threats. It is assumed that most users of this guide will have limited experience with emergency exercises. The guide has been written for those that may have limited experience and resources."

2006 World Health Organization.
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