National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC): Meeting Agenda, April 12, 2005   [open pdf - 14MB]

The following are the Meeting notes for the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) on Tuesday, April 12, 2005. "Secretary Chertoff said that like most departments, a large portion of DHS' activities are dictated by the equipment it owns, the people working with the Department, or the operations it undertakes itself. But there is another, perhaps less widely appreciated part of the Department, networking. Much of this networking takes place with state and local partners and with the private sector. DHS has a nationwide reach as it applies to thousands of institutions, physical facilities, and cyber-facilities. These different pieces are all bound together, not by common ownership or workforce, but by a common network. It is important for DHS to focus on that networking function in addition to the more traditional physical attributes of the Department's responsibilities. The NIAC is a pivotal part ofthis effort. This Council assists DHS by applying its expert advice and perspective. The Secretary said in addition to the status reports of the Intelligence Coordination and Risk Management Approaches to Protection Working Groups, the NIAC will be launching further initiatives about which he looks forward to hearing. Secretary Chertoff said the Council's Charter is up for revision to slightly expand and broaden the scope of its work. He asserted this is a tribute to the high quality work the Council has produced and the meaningful impact it has had. He said DHS is considering broadening the Council's perspective and range of operations."

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National Infrastructure Advisory Council Meeting. Washington, DC. April 12, 2005
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