National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC): Meeting Agenda, April 11, 2006   [open pdf - 251KB]

The following are the Meeting notes for the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) on Tuesday, April 11, 2006. "Vice Chairman Chambers added the Council completed a study of one of the biggest challenges facing the United States: the preparation and education of the Nation's critical infrastructure workforce. He thanked Mr. Alfred R. Berkeley, III and Dr. Linwood H. Rose for their hard work and leadership throughout the project. In addition to the Workforce Report and Recommendations, three working groups would provide updates. Vice Chairman Chambers said he looked forward to hearing each of them. Near the end of the meeting, the Council would discuss adding new initiative topics. Vice Chairman Chambers echoed Chairman Nye's commendation of Secretary Chertoff and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for implementing the NIAC's Sector Partnership Model. It facilitates private and public partnerships, leading to better coordination between the private sector and the government. He added that the Department asked the NIAC for a recommendation and then acted on it quickly. In early 2005, Secretary Chertoff asked the NIAC to assess the validity of the Sector Partnership Model proposed in the Interim National Infrastructure Protection Plan (I-NIPP). In response, the NIAC provided timely advice and recommendations on the model's implementation and structure function. DHS incorporated the NIAC's Sector Partnership Model inputs along with the Secretary's request to execute Section 871 of the Homeland Security Act creating the CIPAC. The NIAC also assessed how private sector risk prioritization and management experience could guide critical infrastructure protection."

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National Infrastructure Advisory Council Meeting. Washington, DC. April 11, 2006
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