Side-by-Side Comparison of Climate Change Provisions in Omnibus Energy Legislation in the 110th Congress [Updated December 14, 2007]   [open pdf - 125KB]

"In the 110th Congress, the House and the Senate passed several different versions of omnibus energy legislation containing provisions to address climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. The House originally passed H.R. 6 in January 2007. The Senate passed an amended version in June 2007. In August 2007, the House passed a new and broader-ranging omnibus energy bill, H.R. 3221. On December 6, 2007, the House substituted the Senate's text of H.R. 6 with an amendment containing many provisions from H.R. 3221 and some from Senate passed H.R. 6. On December 13, the Senate again passed an amended H.R. 6. This report compares climate-specific provisions in the various energy bills. The version of H.R. 6 passed by the Senate on December 13 was very similar to the version passed by the House on December 6, though without controversial provisions that would have reduced tax incentives for oil production. All the climate change-specific provisions covered in this report were identical in these versions. The House had already omitted in H.R. 6 most of the climate-specific provisions contained in H.R. 3221. Remaining in H.R. 6, as passed by both the House (12/6/2007) and Senate (12/13/2007) are: programs to develop carbon sequestration technologies; international programs to promote efficient and clean energy; and an Office of Climate Change and Environment in the Department of Transportation. This report compares provisions specifically directed at climate change in recently passed omnibus energy legislation, including H.R. 3221 as passed August 4, H.R. 6 as passed by the Senate on June 21, H.R. 6 as passed by the House on December 6, and H.R. 6 as passed by the Senate on December 13, 2007. Comments on provisions are included as appropriate."

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