Preliminary Minority Views on Draft Committee Report on Political Interference with Climate Change Science under the Bush Administration: U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on OVersight and Government Reform, December 10, 2007   [open pdf - 229KB]

"An investigation that began as a bipartisan inquiry into the role of the Council on Environmental Quality in climate change policy has veered into a partisan diatribe against the Bush Administration. The Majority's report of this investigation is seriously flawed.[…]. In an effort to conflate climate change science with climate change policy, the Majority report disregards testimony that conflicts with and would undermine the Majority's desired conclusions. Evidence demonstrating that scientists had ultimate authority over the approval of the content of climate change reports is simply omitted. Respected scientists, like Max Mayfield from the National Weather Service and the Director of the Center for Disease Control Dr. Julie Gerberding are demeaned as mere mouthpieces for the Bush Administration and its supporters. The Majority also ignores the nature of agency and interagency review processes and the legitimate role of policymakers, instead of scientists, in making administration policy and expressing that to the media and the general public. As the Minority has noted before, this Committee must not be seen as the Committee where witnesses and other evidence are validated because of their consistency with the views of the Majority. Thorough investigation and careful evaluation of the evidence lead to credible findings. Sadly, the Majority's report is simply a political attack on this Administration resulting from both an incomplete investigation and an unfair reading of the limited evidence. That is truly an inconvenient truth."

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