Final Report: Environmental Assessment for Infrastructure within U.S. Border Patrol Naco-Douglas Corridor, Cochise County, Arizona, August 2000   [open pdf - 19MB]

"This Environmental Assessment (EA) addresses the actual and potential cumulative effects, beneficial and adverse, of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) activities within the USBP Douglas and Naco Station areas of operation (AO). This EA evaluates the past, on-going and future INS and USBP infrastructure projects within the Douglas and Naco AOs, hereinafter referred to as the Naco-Douglas corridor. For the purposes of this EA, the Naco-Douglas corridor is defined as a 10-mile wide corridor along the US/Mexico border from the western boundary of the USBP Naco AO to the eastern boundary of the USBP Douglas Station AO. These improvements have been completed or are being proposed by INS and USBP in an effort to enhance the USBP's capability to gain, maintain and extend control of the US/Mexico border. Infrastructure improvements that will be addressed include, but are not limited, to roads, fences, vehicle barriers, helipads, lights, USBP stations, and checkpoints. These infrastructure improvements may be installed by military units and/or private construction contractors. The cumulative effect of these improvement projects since 1995 and into the reasonably foreseeable future, in conjunction with other programs or projects proposed or implemented by other agencies is the primary focus of the this EA."

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