Expanding and Using Knowledge to Reduce Earthquake Losses: The National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program, Strategic Plan, 2001-2005   [open pdf - 282KB]

"This Strategic Plan is submitted in response to PL 95-124 (as amended) and PL 101-614. It serves as an operational plan for the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) agencies and guides Federal earthquake research, loss reduction, and mitigation efforts in the U.S. The plan articulates the mission and goals of the NEHRP, provides a framework for priority-setting and coordinating activities, and defines priority areas for the future. […]. The plan is also responsive to the desire of Congress that NEHRP emphasize coordination of research activities, speedy transfer of new knowledge, and implementation of the results and technologies by the user community. This plan addresses demands for greater productivity, efficiency, and accountability from the Federal government. [….]. This is a living document. Factors affecting earthquake risk reduction may change and evolve differently than expected, and therefore goals and objectives, priorities, strategies, and planning contexts may change over the life of this plan. Consequently, the plan will be reviewed biennially by the participating agencies to assess the status of implementation and refine or revise approaches based on experience. The biennial review will coincide with the requirement for a NEHRP report to Congress. A more formal and comprehensive review, to be performed every five years, will involve internal and external stakeholders and may result in more substantive changes."

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