Federal Criminal Appeals, 1999 with Trends 1985-99   [open pdf - 231KB]

"Between 1985 and 1993 the number of Federal criminal appeals filed in U.S. courts of appeal increased from 4,989 to 11,862. After peaking during 1993, the number of appeals filed decreased to 10,251 during 1999. Prior to implementation of the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984 (SRA), Federal criminal appeals were limited to appeals of procedural, or interlocutory, decisions and challenges by the defendant of the final judgment. The SRA opened the sentencing process to appellate review. Pursuant to the SRA both parties may appeal the sentence imposed. Imposed sentences may be appealed by the defendant or the government if (1) the sentence was imposed in violation of existing law, (2) the sentencing guidelines were incorrectly applied, (3) the court departed from the sentencing guidelines, or (4) the sentence was plainly unreasonable for offenses not addressed by the guidelines. During the first 5 years following implementation of the Federal sentencing guidelines, the rate at which criminal appeals were filed increased an average of 10% annually - from 13 per 100 convictions during 1985 to 23 per 100 convictions during 1993. After 1993 the appeal rate decreased to 16 per 100 convictions, in 1999."

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