Interstate Mutual Aid and Assistance: EMAC Tips for the Water Sector   [open pdf - 621KB]

"The Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) provides a mechanism whereby drinking water and wastewater utilities can provide interstate (between states) mutual aid and assistance during times of emergency. EMAC has demonstrated its value in providing interstate mutual aid and assistance for multiple sectors and disciplines and can be used to share water sector resources such as equipment and personnel across state lines. The National Incident Management System (NIMS) recommends establishing intrastate (within a state) agreements that encompass all local jurisdictions, public and private. This requirement ensures that coordination mechanisms within a state are in place before the more challenging task of coordinating across state lines is attempted. Water and Wastewater Agency Response Networks (WARN), provide a framework through which utilities can provide/receive intrastate mutual aid and assistance. WARN can help facilitate communication with local and state Emergency Management Agencies, state EMAC Coordinators and the state primacy agency, during an emergency to coordinate the deployment of water sector resources under EMAC. The intrastate coordination of mutual aid and assistance resources that WARN provides can be invaluable if the need for interstate mutual aid and assistance through EMAC is needed in the future."

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