Letter from Representatives James R. Langevin, Michael T. McCaul and Sheila Jackson-Lee to Joseph T. Kelliher, Chairman, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Regarding the Cyber Threat to Control Systems: Stronger Regulations are Necessary to Secure the Electric Grid   [open pdf - 250KB]

This letter includes House members' concerns regarding cybersecurity vulnerabilities to the national electrical grid. "The bulk-power system (BPS) of the United States and Canada has more than #1 trillion in asset value, more than 200,000 miles of transmission lines, and more than 800,000 megawatts of generating capability serving over 300 million people. The effective functioning of this infrastructure is highly dependent on control systems, computer-based systems that are used to monitor and control sensitive processes and physical function. Once largely proprietary, closed-systems, control systems are becoming increasingly connected to open networks, such as corporate intranets and the Internet. As such, there is an increasing risk that these systems - and the critical infrastructure that rely on the BPS - can be damaged or disrupted by both intentional and unintentional cyber incidents. Such incidents could potentially have a significant and potentially devastating impact on the economy, public health, and national security of the United States."

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