Terrifying Landscapes: A Study of Scientific Research into Understanding Motivations of Non-State Actors to Acquire and/pr Use Weapons of Mass Destruction   [open pdf - 735KB]

"The purpose of this study was to explore and characterize the research base that exists, outside of these previous studies, for examining the motivations of non-state actors to acquire and/or use WMD, and what additional knowledge domains should be considered that have not yet been brought to bear on the problem. The primary (though not exclusive) target was open source, academic research in the past 5-10 years, accessible to Western scholars (though not exclusively Western in origin) and government personnel. In the process of conducting the study, it was furthermore desired to develop 1) a list of the researchers who are experts in fields important to the problem space, 2) a sense of what kind of data and research methods have been used to look at the problem, and by whom, and 3) a topology of the literature, 4) the common, congruent, and contradictory themes within the literature, and 5) research gaps and unanswered questions. In subsequent studies, these themes should be related to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) initiatives for modeling and analysis of WMD proliferation pathways." Note: This document has been added to the Homeland Security Digital Library in agreement with the Project on Advanced Systems and Concepts for Countering WMD (PASCC) as part of the PASCC collection. Permission to download and/or retrieve this resource has been obtained through PASCC.

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Report No. ASCO 2007 009; Report No. Advanced Systems and Concepts Office 2007 009
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