Case Study in Transnational Crime: Ukraine and Modern Slavery   [open pdf - 235KB]

"This thesis explores the roots of modern slavery (human trafficking) in post- Soviet space through a Ukrainian case study. Ukraine is scrutinized in an attempt to explain the central question: how did the export and enslavement of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians come about? This involves an analysis of governance, social conditions, and economic conditions in Ukraine, and a subsequent evaluation of why Ukraine has been unable to manipulate political, legal, social, and economic variables to end the export of their people. A summary of central causal explanations include rapidly expanding criminal enterprises and little government capacity to counter them. The problem is aggravated by a need for migration among potential victims that is accelerated by economic and social conditions, and a lack of legitimate means to find work abroad or meaningful work at home. Searching for answers inside of Ukraine and surveying the prolific demand for Ukrainian slaves in many countries, this research examines these findings, then explores some policy options such as encouraging legal migration opportunities, economic development, education programs, expanding relationships between NGO's and states, universal victim assistance hotlines staffed by professionals, and a fund to reimburse victims. "

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