FBI's Covert Action Program to Destroy the Black Panther Party   [open pdf - 145KB]

This document outlines how the FBIs COINTELPRO covert action program was able to disrupt and neutralize the Black Panther Party, which the Bureau characterized as a "Black Nationalist Hate Group". "Although the claimed purpose of the Bureau's COINTELPRO tactics was to prevent violence, some of the FBI's tactics against the BPP were clearly intended to foster violence, and many others could reasonably have been expected to cause violence. For example, the FBI's efforts to 'intensify the degree of animosity' between the BPP and the Blackstone Rangers, a Chicago street gang, included sending an anonymous letter to the gang's leader falsely informing him that the the Chicago Panthers had 'a hit out' on him. The stated intent of the letter was to induce the Ranger leader to 'take reprisals against' the Panther leadership."

Publisher:United States. Congress. Senate
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Source:Supplementary Detailed Staff Reports on Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans - Book III (1976)
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