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"The purpose of LEIU is to gather, record, and exchange confidential information not available through regular police channels, concerning organized crime and terrorism. LEIU is an association of state and local police departments, similar in many respects to numerous other professional associations serving doctors, attorneys, journalists, and educators. LEIU has no employees and no capability as an entity to conduct any investigation or law enforcement activity of any kind. Each member agency is bound by, and acts pursuant to local law and their own agency regulations. The Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit is divided geographically into four (4) Zones, they are: Eastern, Central, Northwestern, and Southwestern. Each Zone elects a Chair and Vice Chair to serve as Zone Officers. Internationally, LEIU elects a General Chair, Vice General Chair, and designates a Secretary-Treasurer and a legal advisor who serve as International Officers. The International Officers, Zone Officers, past General Chair and two representatives from the Central Coordinating Agency make up the Executive Board. The Executive Board is the governing body of LEIU, and as such establishes policy and passes upon the admission of all members. The Executive Board is governed by a Constitution and Bylaws."

Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit
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