Techniques and Procedures for Implementing, Deactivating, Testing, and Evaluating Secure Resource-Sharing ADP Systems, Security Manual   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The security of the United States depends in part upon the proper safeguarding of classified data processed, stored, and used in or classified information produced by ADP Systems. Safeguards applied to ADP Systems include all hardware/software functions, characteristics, and features; operational procedures, accountability procedures, and access controls at the central computer facility and remote computer and terminal facilities; and the management constraints and physical structures and devices needed to provide an acceptable level of protection for classified material (data or information) contained in the computer system. The objective of this manual is to provide guidelines and establish techniques and procedures which can be used to: (1). Implement secure resource-sharing ADP Systems; (2). Develop, acquire, and establish methodologies, techniques, standards, and procedures for the design, analysis, testing, evaluation, and approval of the security features for resource-sharing ADP Systems: (3). Establish methodologies, techniques, and procedures for the physical protection ADP Systems and component; and (4). Prescribe standards, criteria, and specifications for deactivating secure ADP systems and the sanitization of system components for disposition or utilization in unsecured environments."

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