Utilizing the Elements of National Power to Predict Ungoverned Space   [open pdf - 1MB]

"The greatest threat to stability in Africa is the increase in transnational terrorist groups and criminals that occupy the ungoverned spaces. African nations suffer from the inability of the African governments to secure their borders and protect their citizens. The situation creates problems not only for Africa but also for the remainder of the world. The way to mitigate the risk of transnational terrorists and other violent non-state actors is to take away the conditions that lead to ungoverned space. The United States must identify the African nations with the greatest potential for change. The way to identify these nations is to assess the strength of their national powers. Enhancing the diplomatic, informational, economic, and law enforcement powers of these nations will allow them to focus their personnel and resources towards the goal of removing ungoverned space from the African continent. Once these sanctuaries are removed, transnational terrorists will be identified and eliminated. The result will be a stable African continent whose nations are better established and better able to connect with the remainder of the global community."

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