What Type of State Homeland Security Strategy Should the State of New Jersey Develop?   [open pdf - 365KB]

"The State of New Jersey does not have a written homeland security strategy. This thesis argued that New Jersey should have a strategy. The author has reviewed the reasons why New Jersey does not have a state strategy. Based on preliminary work, any justifications are no longer supportable. Beyond that, the thesis described the elements that should be in that strategy. A by-product of the thesis was a homeland security strategy template that can be used by other states. As per the methodology, existing state strategies were reviewed and compared against national criteria for an acceptable strategy. New Jersey must create a strategy with a strong foundation, similar to the National Strategy for Homeland Security, which at the same time contains clear and concise goals, objectives, and activities, commonly found in conventional business plans. Based on that review the author recommended that New Jersey create a homeland security strategy similar to the National Capital Region Homeland Security Strategic Plan. Further, New Jersey should construct this strategy using the Government Accountability Office (GAO) report which identified six desirable characteristics that should appear in (national) homeland security strategies as a guide."

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