Community Expectation: Matching Government Capabilities to the Expectations of the Public   [open pdf - 429KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Major events potentially affect all types of essential services in both government and private sectors. These are services that residents expect to be delivered, required by other services to function, and are critical to the life safety of residents. If those services collapse, there will be a grave threat to life and limb. Failure to properly ensure continuity of essential governmental and private services in the wake of a natural disaster or terrorist attack could result in societal chaos. A community expects the response and outcome of any event to be the same, failing to realize the interdependencies required for continuation of necessary services. Planning in isolation only protects single aspects. Contributing factors to interdependency effects are stove-pipe planning and ineffective information sharing. A stove-pipe or vertical sector-based system creates an environment of isolation within a community rather than a cohesive interacting system. With the increasing potential for a major event to occur, government, private business and the general public have not identified and shared their expectations of essential services as the precursor to an effective continuity program. Public -- private collaboration allows the expectations to be discussed and addressed as a community rather than an independent discipline issue. As public and private expectations are identified, two relevant issues are required to address the capabilities required to deliver the essential services. They are horizontal planning and resilience. Regional or local governmental structures provide the platform for horizontal planning and cooperation for emergency preparedness that is essential to civil protection. A community based system is the mechanism for improving coordination and communication to and from the government."

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