Proposals for Immigration Reform: Hearing Before the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, One Hundred Third Congress, Second Session on Proposals to Reform United States Immigration Policy, June 15, 1994   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the opening statement of the Hon. Edward M. Kennedy, U.S. Senator from the State of Massachusetts, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and Refugee Affairs: "This afternoon's hearing continues this full committee's oversight responsibility and the work of the Subcommittee on Immigration and Refugee Affairs' proposals for immigration reform. Today we welcome the appearance before our committee of Attorney General Reno, who is committed on behalf of the Clinton administration to working closely with Congress to deal with the broad range of issues involving the Nation's immigration laws. Immigration is one of the oldest themes of our Nation. It is part of our heritage and history. It has often been an emotionally and politically charged issue, and it is no less so today. It raises important social and economic issues, and we must deal with them responsibly. In the Immigration Act of 1990, Congress created a bipartisan Commission on Immigration Reform, and the mandate of the Commission is to review all aspects of our immigration laws and to make recommendations to Congress." Additional materials submitted for the record include those of the following: Richard H. Bryan, Dennis DeConcini, David L. Hobbs, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Edward M. Kennedy, Doris Meissner, Harry Reid, Janet Reno, and William V. Roth.

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S. Hrg. 103-1075; Senate Hearing 103-1075; Serial No. J-103-60
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