Attorney General's Report to the President Pursuant to Executive Order 13392, Entitled 'Improving Agency Disclosure of Information'   [open pdf - 787KB]

"This is the second report of the Attorney General. In accordance with the Executive Order, this report is based on the annual the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reports for FY06 that the agencies submitted earlier this year, and it provides 'an update on the agencies' implementation of the FOIA and of their plans' for improving their FOIA operations. On December 14, 2005, the President issued Executive Order 13,392 on 'Improving Agency Disclosure of Information.' In the Order, the President stated that '[t]he effective functioning of our constitutional democracy depends upon the participation in public life of a citizenry that is well informed,' and that 'the FOIA has provided an important means through which the public can obtain information regarding the activities of Federal agencies.' Accordingly, the President established the policy that agency FOIA operations shall be 'citizen-centered' and be 'both results-oriented and produce results.' As the President stated, '[a] citizen-centered and results-oriented approach will improve service and performance, thereby strengthening compliance with the FOIA, and will help avoid disputes and related litigation.'"

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