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This issue of the monthly publication of the Law Library of Congress includes the following relevant titles: 'Canada-Passport Security Found Inadequate'. "Canada's Auditor General has issued a report that describes how security controls for the issuance of Canadian passports are inadequate. One major problem uncovered during the investigation is that too many office staff members have access to the system and the ability to issue passports, even though some of these persons do not have the necessary security clearances. Other problems described in the report are that watch lists for suspected terrorists are inadequate, examiners do not have tools they need to detect fraudulent documents, and the government has unduly pressured officials to speed up the document issuance process. Concern about persons illegally obtaining Canadian passports was heightened in 1999 when a terrorist who planned to attack Los Angeles airport was arrested at the U.S. border. Ahmed Ressam was carrying a Canadian passport he had obtained under a false name. Prior to that, evidence that agents of Israel's Mossad had used fake Canadian passports abroad created a diplomatic incident that resulted in the Israeli government promising that it would ensure that Canadian passports would not be so used again. Security analysts believe that Canadian passports are highly sought after by international criminals because, due to Canada's large and diverse immigrant population, persons from Third World countries can more easily pose as Canadians than they can as citizens of most other developed countries."

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