President Discusses the Fight Against Global and Domestic HIV/AIDS [January 31, 2003]   [open pdf - 42KB]

From the Document: "With the approval of Congress, we will devote $15 billion to the fight AIDS abroad over the next five years, beginning with $2 billion in the year 2004. (Applause.) I've been asked whether or not we're committed to the Global AIDS Fund. Well, first of all, I wouldn't put Tommy as the head of it if we weren't. And more importantly, he wouldn't have joined if we weren't. And so we're still committed to the Global AIDS Fund to fight disease. This program in no way diminishes our commitment to the fund. We will continue bilateral AIDS programs in more than 50 countries. We've already got bilateral relations with 50 countries with whom we're working on AIDS, and we'll continue that program. But this plan that I've laid out in front of the Congress and will work with members of the Senate and the House on will dramatically focus our efforts. You notice I didn't say, 'focus our efforts,' I said, 'dramatically focus our efforts.' The AIDS diagnosis still obviously brings tremendous grief and worries in parts of our society. The budget I've submitted and worked with Congress on -- it will be a request for $16 billion for domestic HIV prevention and care and treatment, a 7 percent increase over '03. (Applause.) It's a $93 million increase for AIDS research, $100 million more to support the AIDS drug assistance program. (Applause.) So today I've got an announcement to make, and it's this, that the Department of Health and Human Services, after a lot of careful review, has waived regulations so that the test will soon be more readily available to doctors and public health facilities throughout the country."

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