Follow-up Audit of the Terrorist Screening Center   [open pdf - 2MB]

"Overall, this follow-up audit found that the TSC has enhanced its efforts to ensure the quality of watchlist data, has increased staff assigned to data quality management, and has developed a process and a separate office to address complaints filed by persons seeking relief from adverse effects related to terrorist watchlist screening. However, we also determined that the TSC's management of the watchlist continues to have weaknesses. For example, the TSC is relying on two interconnected versions of the watchlist database. As a result of this and other conditions, we identified several known or suspected terrorists who were not watchlisted appropriately. In addition, because of internal FBI watchlisting processes, we found that the FBI bypasses the normal international terrorist watchlist nomination process and enters these nominations directly into a downstream screening system. This process is cumbersome for the TSC and, as a result, the TSC is unable to ensure that consistent, accurate, and complete terrorist information is disseminated to frontline screening agents in a timely manner. We also concluded that the TSC needs to further improve its efforts for ensuring the accuracy of the watchlist records. We found that, in general, the TSC's actions to review records as part of a targeted special project successfully ensured the quality of the data. In contrast, our examination of the routine quality assurance reviews revealed continued problems. We examined 105 records subject to the routine quality assurance review and found that 38 percent of the records we tested continued to contain errors or inconsistencies that were not identified through the TSC's quality assurance efforts. Although the TSC had clearly increased its quality assurance efforts"

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