Agroterrorism: Preparedness and Response Challenges for the Departments of Defense and the Army   [open pdf - 366KB]

"Despite the identification of agriculture as one of the critical infrastructure sectors of the United States and the importance of food security being stressed within Homeland Security Presidential Directives (HSPDs), resources and energy applied to aggressively defend against agroterrorism within the larger scheme of domestic security programs has been decidedly skewed. The difficult work of providing definitive policy guidance and adequate resources to counter the threat of a deliberate attack on one of our critical infrastructures has not been commensurate with the level of possible damage to our economy, national confidence and standing within the greater global community. Though not specifically tasked within the confines of existing Presidential Directives, the Department of Defense and subsequently the Department of the Army have an obligation as supporting agencies and signatories to the National Response Plan to prepare to support all national response efforts and defend against this threat. This paper addresses the concepts of agroterrorism, current initiatives within government, private industry and academia, and identifies the policy and resource gaps impacting national preparedness for such an attack. Strategic impacts to our nation and the ability to sustain our engagement in the Global War on Terror is also discussed."

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