Draft Framework for National Freight Policy: Presentation to American Association of Port Authorities   [open pdf - 298KB]

This presentation, comprised of 19 slides, introduces the Draft Framework for National Freight Policy. From the presentation, the four overarching themes throughout the framework are: (1) This is a national freight policy, not a Federal freight policy or a DOT freight policy. (2) Investment is crucial. There is no substitute. Jawboning can be effective, but there are limits. (3) There is a continuing - and growing - need for public-private collaboration. The days of the Federal government building infrastructure through grants and entitlements are over, and the public and private sectors must work together to achieve freight policy solutions. 4. And finally, this is a living document. In contrast to many Federal policies, I don't envision this framework ever being fully 'complete.' Instead, it will continually evolve to guide both public and private freight policy efforts over the coming years.

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