Bi-National Drug Control Strategy 1999: Performance Measures of Effectiveness: Implementation and Findings   [open pdf - 345KB]

"The U.S./Mexico Bi-National Drug Threat Assessment issued in May 1997 was the first published joint assessment of the common drug threats facing the United States and Mexico. Responding to the assessment, both countries emphasized their commitment to a coordinated counterdrug effort in a Declaration of Alliance Against Drugs announced by President Clinton and Zedillo in May 1997, in Mexico City. In February 1998, Mexico and the United States published a coordinated strategy for reducing the drug threat in both nations, the US/Mexico Bi-National Drug Strategy. The Strategy identifies actions both countries agree to take to achieve the objectives of the Declaration of Alliance Against Drugs. The current document, the US/Mexico Performance Measures of Effectiveness (PME), is designed as a tool to determine if Mexico and the United States have taken the actions they agreed to take, and if those actions have been effective in achieving the counterdrug objectives of the Strategy. Both Mexico and the United States envision the Strategy and the Threat Assessment as living documents, which must be modified as conditions warrant. The PME will tell us first if we have completed our actions, and second, how the actions contribute to achieving the Strategy objectives. The Action Items that appear in the Strategy sometimes call for unilateral domestic action by the US and/or Mexico. Sometimes they call for coordinated actions, or multilateral action by the US and/or Mexico."

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