Defense Science Board 2005 Summer Study on Reducing Vulnerabilities to Weapons of Mass Destruction   [open pdf - 466KB]

"This study was completed with an initial reporting of findings and recommendations provided in mid-August 2005, about two weeks before the devastation of New Orleans, Louisiana by Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately, the findings of this study in the areas of 'mitigation and recovery' were demonstrated to be almost universally valid. The weaknesses in planning and in command, control, and communication and lack of clarity in lines of responsibility and authority that are discussed herein were quite obvious in the response to Katrina. Special attention should be given to the discussions in this report concerning 'truly catastrophic' events and the potential need to rapidly bring the active duty military into a dominant, albeit temporary, role. Katrina fits the definition intended in this report of truly catastrophic - state and local responders were overwhelmed and the capabilities, discipline, clear line of command and control, and communications that the military could have brought to bear would have made a real difference in the early stages of response."

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