Road Map For National Security: Addendum on Implementation   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century (USCNS/21) stated throughout its reports that homeland security (HLS) was perhaps the most significant threat facing the nation. As the Commission noted in its initial report, the nation 'will become increasingly vulnerable to attacks on our homeland.' The Commission recommended a three-layered HLS strategy: prevention, protection, and response. In satisfying the requirements posed by each layer, the USCNS/21 noted the need for an overarching strategy; strategic integration at the NSC; a new, specialized organization; improved intelligence analysis, coordination, and dissemination; better oversight and integration within the Department of Defense (DoD); re-prioritizing National Guard missions; and different ways for providing Congressional oversight. These improvements are necessary to ensure greater operational integration and cohesiveness in areas ranging from border security through emergency management. These recommendations are listed in the following table. […] The following sections examine ways in which these recommendations might be implemented. They are not designed to present definitive answers; rather they provide a framework for thinking about the best ways to put the Commission's findings into practice. The implementation plans that accompany each recommendation take into account actions that might be required by the Administration and Congress. They do so by providing a notional, step-by-step blueprint of suggested actions, and discuss the nature of the coordination and consultation that must occur between the Executive and Legislative branches. The plans also note personnel implications for each recommendation and major considerations that impact recommendations and, unless addressed, are likely to render implementation less effective."

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