President Outlines Priorities [November 7, 2002]   [open pdf - 90KB]

"I look forward to working with members of the Congress and the newly-elected governors to make America's families safer in their homes and their communities, to make our economy stronger so people can find work, to make our country a better and more compassionate place. Members of the new Congress will take office in January and they'll have a full agenda. The current Congress, however, will return in just a few days to take up some unfinished business. We have a responsibility to protect the American people against threats from any source. I'm grateful to the members of the Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, that came together to support the war against terror, and authorize, if need be, the use of force to disarm Iraq. We must bring the same spirit of bipartisan cooperation to the urgent task of protecting our country from the ongoing threat of terrorist attack. The single most important item of unfinished business on Capitol Hill is to create a unified department of homeland security that will vastly improve our ability to protect our coasts and our borders and our communities."

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