Protection of Industrial Plants and Public Buildings   [open pdf - 6MB]

"This publication is issued by the Office of Civilian Defense to assist executives of public and private undertakings in the protection of personnel and physical plants under their jurisdiction. Among the undertakings to be protected are industrial plants, factories, schools, hospitals, business establishments, and public buildings. It is expected that the general plan outlined in this publication will be adapted by plant managers or local civilian defense authorities to meet local conditions or special needs. Plans should be kept as simple as possible because experience shows that such plans work best in practice. Success in the protection of plants and public buildings depends largely upon the thought, preparation, and training done now. Plans must be worked out carefully. Personnel with suitable qualifications must be selected for key positions and for the various other tasks involved. Individual training, followed by collective training, is necessary. All personnel should be organized and trained as soon as possible. This plan provides for a squad for every possible casualty. In small establishments, squads may have more than one duty provided such duties are not inconsistent. Even though the possibility of enemy air attack upon industrial plants and public buildings in the United States may be remote, it is essential that protective organization be developed at once to guard against the disruption of normal activities and for the safety of the personnel in an emergency. The general plan outlined in the following pages is to provide for the security of every employee and for the maintenance of production at the highest possible rate."

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